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Green Smoke Review

Editor, eCigs HQ™

Pro Kit photo 1.


Price: $129.99



FIVE STARS/HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The cost of the completely accessorized starter kit is the only reason it did not place first in our rankings. Green Smoke remains the gold standard by which we judge all other e-cigarettes. If the $129.99 $99.97 Pro Kit price tag is within your reach — by all means buy it! You’ll be receiving the best electronic cigarette we have tested to date. It is this reviewer’s e-cigarette of choice.

Kit Includes

  • Long rechargeable e-cigarette battery
  • Short rechargeable e-cigarette battery
  • USB cigarette
  • USB charger
  • 2 Packs (10) of FlavorMax Cartomizers
  • Wall Adapter
  • Car Adapter
  • 1 Deluxe Carrying Case
  • Member Card and User Guide
  • Thirty-day money back guarantee
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Get the Best for Less!*

12/27/12:Lower Prices on All Starter Kits and Batteries!


Express Kit: was $89.99…………now $59.97 (+ carrying case)
Pro Kit: was $129.99…………now $99.97 (+ carrying case)
Ultimate Kit: was $159.99…………now $129.97 (+ leather case)
Love Birds Kit: was $219.99…………now $169.97 (+ 2 carrying cases)

*Pricing above is before 10% coupon code discount (see below).


Regular Batteries: were $34.99…………now $24.97
Three Pack Batteries: were $69.99…………now $59.97
Designer Battery Offer:
Designer Batteries: just $29.97
Three-Pack Designer Batteries: just $69.97

*Pricing above is before 10% coupon code discount (see below).

Opening and examining the contents of the Green Smoke Pro Kit (previously known as the Basic Starter Kit) erased any doubt of whether an e-cigarette starter kit could be worth $129.99 $99.97 (before discounts). The black rubber top tray held one long and one short e-cigarette battery. Their structural integrity and state-of-the-art quality were obvious. The batteries were capped with pale green plastic LEDs that glow a bright red during inhalation. Beneath the tray were two FlavorMax™ Cartomizer five-packs, a USB-powered ecig, a USB charger, an AC wall adapter, a DC car adapter, a carrying case, the Green Smoke Instruction Manual and their membership card.

We were pleased to discover that the batteries had arrived fully charged. After attaching a cartomizer to the longer battery, we took a few quick puffs and exhaled white-plumed vapor that appeared just like real cigarette smoke. It only lacked the odor, carcinogens and tar.

This was real tobacco flavor — pure, deep, and wonderfully satisfying.”

eCigs HQ™ Editor Laura Conzo Brady

Some of us described the Full Tobacco cartomizer as possessing a mild flavor. Others thought it tasted similar to a regular cigarette with a hint of mint. Someone commented that the flavor was more like a smooth Marlboro Gold. Everyone agreed that the Full Tobacco flavor was the best that we had tried so far.

After posting our review, we ordered additional cartomizers for personal use, including the Tobacco Gold flavor. These cartomizers forever changed our opinion of how good an electronic cigarette could be. The very first drag produced a flavor nirvana. Our mouths were filled with a rich, smooth and luscious tobacco flavor. Tobacco Gold lacked the harshness of a cigarette, while providing the exquisite taste of a first-class pipe tobacco with the flavor volume of a fine cigar. This was real tobacco flavor — pure, deep, and wonderfully satisfying.

Though interpretation of flavor is subjective, we depend on a consensus to generate rankings. The Green Smoke rates first in vapor volume, taste and overall quality. Its reputation as the leading e-cigarette on the market is well-deserved.

There was no argument about the ease with which we used this brand. Thirty seconds after opening the kit, you can begin smoking. You do not need to press any buttons or adjust movable parts to get started. You trigger the vapor mechanism by drawing on the device just as you would with a real cigarette.

It is this reviewer’s e-cigarette of choice.”

eCigs HQ™ Editor Laura Conzo Brady

An additional advantage with the Green Smoke e-cig is the integration of the atomizer with the flavor cartomizer. There is never a need to order or replace the atomizer. After finishing a cartomizer, you throw it away and attach a new cartomizer with a fresh atomizer. It is not necessary to order e-juice or spend any time measuring out refill amounts. Further, we have yet to receive a FlavorMax cartomizer that leaked.

These FlavorMax Cartomizers produce incredibly satisfying vapor volume while preserving the famous Green Smoke Flavor. While the Tobacco Gold was clearly to superior to any e-cigarette flavor we had ever tasted, the Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice flavors did not disappoint. We have not yet reviewed a cartomizer that is superior.

The only negative associated with the Pro Kit had been its price. The long-term cost of using the product has always been low, but Green Smoke starter kits were some of the more expensive we had reviewed. But that was then. As of 12/27/12 the price has been reduced to $99.97 from the previous $129. Shipping is free, and the Pro Kit includes 10 cartomizers — not five, like most other brands. This presents a significant value to the consumer as each long-lasting FlavorMax™ cartomizer is equivalent to an entire pack of tobacco cigarettes.

There is a less expensive option for those who are concerned about costs. The Express Kit has a similar configuration to the Pro Kit but includes one less battery and five fewer cartomizers. It does not include the car adapter. This package costs just $59.97, reduced from $89.99.

If you go with the Pro Kit, your annual costs for maintaining the equivalent of a pack-a-day habit would be $1,057.25. This works out to less than $3.00 per day. The long-term value is excellent.

The Good

  • Tobacco Gold is the best e-cigarette flavor evaluated to date
  • Superior vapor volume
  • Finely-crafted and durable kit
  • Kit includes USB-powered e-cigarette
  • Kit includes car adapter
  • Kit includes carrying case
  • Helpful and user friendly website
  • Cartomizer bulk pricing available
  • Shipping is free
  • Shipping on returns is free both ways
  • One year limited warranty
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee

The Bad

  • Green Smoke could reduce the overall costs of your habit but the price of the Pro Kit may be a barrier for some.

The Bottom Line

FIVE STARS/HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The cost of the completely accessorized starter kit is the only reason it did not place first in our rankings. Green Smoke remains the gold standard by which we judge all other e-cigarettes. If the $129.99 $99.97 Pro Kit price tag is within your reach — by all means buy it! You’ll be receiving the best electronic cigarette we have tested to date. It is this reviewer’s e-cigarette of choice.

Green Smoke Coupon Code

  • Visit the Green Smoke website by clicking the link below. Enter disc10-22372 in the box marked Coupon Code in order to receive a 10% discount on your first purchase of $100 or more.

Bullet green arrow large.Click here to visit the Official Green Smoke Website


Green Smoke Videos

Click for the Interviews NYC video. Spacer. Click for the Testimonials video. Spacer. Click for the Starter Kit video.
Click for the Interviews NYC video. Spacer Click for the Testimonials video Spacer Click for the Starter Kit video.
Click for the Designer Collection video. Spacer. Click for the Emmy Awards video. Spacer. Click for the Promo Video.
Click for the Designer Collection video. Spacer Click for the Emmy Awards video. Spacer Click for the Promo Video.

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5 / 5 stars     
  • Total Score


  1. The Green Smoke Brand seems to be the most prominent brand of electronic cigarettes, from what limited research I have conducted thus far about this new technology. Seems to me that they are the leading brand among electronic cigarettes. I am still deciding which brand will be the first that I try , so I am thankful for this review.

  2. What a waste of money just because you don’t have the determination and strength to give up smoking which is a nasty habit anyway.

  3. I have smoked a few different brands of electronic or vapor cigarettes and I must say that Green Smoke is by far the best brand I have experienced. After a few hits it leaves my nicotine craving satisfied unlike the few others I have already sampled. The battery life is pretty good and they have some really great flavors to choose from. I would have to say this is the mercedez benz of vapor cigarettes.

  4. So the fact that “Green Smoke could reduce the overall costs of your habit but the price of the Pro Kit may be a barrier for some (the reviewer’s words, not mine) would indicate that this brand, Green Smoke, is the high end brand of all electronic / vapor cigarettes. I wonder if the quality of flavor validates the higher price of the kit. Could this brand be designed for the premium client who demands flavor?

  5. I think I saw electronic cigarettes in the science fiction movie, In Time, which was about a post apocalyptic society far more ruthless and less fair than the one we complain about today. There is a night club scene in the movie in which there are some patrons dragging on electronic cigarettes. And although the scene in the club is dark, you can tell they are electronic cigarettes because of the blue lighting of the tip. I can’t believe there are people out there that are that weak and I don’t want to her a bunch of zibberish about “well you’ve never been there because I have. I think it is a shame that cigarette companies have stooped so low as well.

  6. Do these actually smoke green in color? Or are we just calling them that because they are supposed to be better for the environment? Are they better for people as well, don’t they still have nicotine in them? I am all for going green and helping the earth but this is not the way to do it. Please just stop everyone and prevent your children from starting. I am disappointed that they were given an alternative though, but the greed of the company out weighs the health of an individual.

  7. Well I guess if people absolutely can’t quit then this is the best alternative isn’t it? I still think it is an excuse to not quit I don’t think there is anyone out there that actually is so weak they CAN’T quit.

  8. So these help the pollution of the environment because they actually burn clean? Is that a correct statement? I am surprised that they came up with this really but then again with the ban on most places for smoking the cigarette companies were losing money so they had to think of something right?

  9. I was trying to quit and every time I do something happens that stresses me out and I start again. I am still trying to stop but I am going to get this so that I can weed my self off of the real ones easier and then one day hopefully stop all together. Not to mention while I am trying to stop this will be better for the environment. If you really must smoke I guess thei would be preferable to the other.

  10. Hello, Rosa;

    Green Smoke is for people willing to pay more for the best. Thanks for stopping by.


  11. When it comes to the reviews you might want to look at who has their smokeless cigarette made in the USA. Their starter kits sells for over $100 and up close to $200 for an smokeless cigarette starter kit. Somce affiliates offer their starter kits for about 20% cheaper than the Green Smoke electronic cigarette. If you don’t believe me, check out the prices and the reviews on vapor cigarette review sites like this one.

  12. Has anyone heard of the brilliant promotional video that hit the internet recently? The video is the result of Green Smoke’s video project which was launched this past August and invited Green Smoke customers to send in unique videos using their Green Smoke e-cigarettes. I think this is just one reason why this brand of electronic cigarette is leading the field. It’s not always about the actual quality of the product as most are about equal.
    I did not realize how many videos there are for the Green Smoke brand of vapor cigarette. Not until I started doing searches on Google and youtube did I realize that it would be so difficult to find the official Green Smoke video which is essentially a compilation of videos submitted by its customers and edited together to form one long promotional video. Instead, I ran into countless customer made videos and demonstrations on how to use it.

  13. My girlfriend has one and I like it but their kits are expensive. Hoping to get my own for my bday later this month.

  14. First time use of the Green Smoke e cigarette was pretty easy. I just screwed the pieces together and the e cig was ready to go. I did notice a strong smell from the flavor cartridges even while in the box. The kit produced an ok amount of vapor and it was a good 300 or so puffs before it seemed to start running out of e juice.

  15. the leading electronic cigarette brand, launches its summer video contest with the Green Smoke Video Project which will act as a platform for Green Smoke customers to tell their stories. All qualifying entries will receive a cash prize up to $150. This to me seems like a great opportunity for customers to make their voices heard. The Green Smoke video project is great way for customers to tell the world what they love about our product.

  16. To me this sounds like just another cigarette that instead of putting of smoke it puts off a vapor but how is that vapor better than the smoke in the long run?

  17. I was reading some of the comments and there was mention of flavor in these cigarettes, I was just wondering why the flavor is so important now, you can’t tell me that a regular cigarette has flavors like that so why would you want flavors now?

  18. The vapor may be inhaled by others as it is not dangerous.

  19. I did read a comment that flat out said that the Green Smoke cigarette was the high end of electronic cigarettes. So they full well know that they are more expensive and they think you should be alright with that, especially because they are rated better.

  20. Lewis and Clark that is what allows them to charge more for their Green Smoke then the others charge. They have to p ay for those commercials for one thing and they can charge more because theirs will be more popular with everyone because of the commercials, it will be well known to the public unlike some of these others.

  21. After a study appearing in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that even lifelong smokers can prolong their life after quitting; electronic cigarette company Green Smoke launched a new loyalty program to help smokers save on this less harmful e-cigarette option. A new study was released this week showing that smokers who quit cigarette smoking, even late in life, have proven to have a much longer life expectancy than those who don’t. Great news for GreenSmoke.

  22. I think it’s nobel that Green Smoke, widely considered to be the leading provider of electronic cigarettes, announced their donation to Soldiers’ Angels, which is a non-profit, volunteer-led organization dedicated to improving the lives of US soldiers and veterans. They presented their donation to Soldiers’ Angels’ co-founder Jeff Bader in a special trackside ceremony back in November 20th, at the NASCAR 2011 Ford 400 at the Homestead-Miami Speedway in Miami, FL. A great cause indeed.

  23. I used to think that Blu was the leading brand of electronic cigs, and maybe that was the case at the dawn of the ecig explosion. After all, the Blu brand was the first company I saw advertised heavily on the internet. For a time, it was the first and only ecig brand being advertised. It is amazing how this industry has exploded. Now, I have noticed that Green Smoke has become one of the leading brands. So many of the brands are very attractive and they look so inviting because of the items that are included in the startup packages. But I think I want to try the green smoke brand of vapor cigs. I have been seeing video footage of people smoking vapor cigarettes inside of clubs and I like the idea that you’re able to do it without any legal trouble. I can’t wait to get my starter kit.

  24. I like that fact that there are so many options for charging it because you could very well be at your computer and charge it there it looks like.

  25. I want to stop smoking but I don’t need another addiction.

  26. I started with the Green Smoke ecig and got decent vapor and got used to the 2 piece design. Then I saw this ad about these V2cigs. The comparison chart convinced me to try the V2. I figured I was upgrading to a better ecig. Spent the $80 and was not happy. Now I’m back with Green Smoke. You can’t believe everything you read, but you can believe this review. I’ve been there.

  27. You know I discovered that people who smoke, stink, including myself. I had no idea that after smoking cigarettes for so long that your nose really stops working. After I gave them up and started using Green Smoke I realized just how bad my clothes smelled, my breath, my house and car etc. I wish I had known before now how bad it was for people to be around me.

  28. I think these are awesome and I smoke these in restaurants and clubs. Not to mention I have allergies and with regular cigarettes I have sinus issues sometimes but with these and the vapor coming off of them it keeps my nose pretty moisturized and it has helped my allergies a lot. Besides I LOVE the taste of the Absolute Tobacco. I won’t even try anything else.

  29. My friend got me one of the Vapor Cigarette kits for my birthday 2 weeks ago and I wanted to comment here to tell you what a great product your company is offering. I have told all my friends about your kits and I perhaps they will all give it a try. I was concerned at first that the device would not work or get damaged, but so far, it has worked to my satisfaction.

  30. I have had the Breathe Fresh one before but I am hearing from my friends that the Green Smoke is better. I was looking at the chart that you posted out to the right of the article on each one and I have to admit the ratings seem to be better as well. I wish I had seen that before I bought the breathe fresh. Is there a way to get a return, exchange etc.

  31. Well I have to admit that the green smoke ecig is the most satisfying of all of the ones that I’ve tried. The Safe Cig and the Breathe Fresh were similar but it didn’t seem like the vapor plume was as big. I like the different flavors that you can get with different ones though and I wish they were interchangeable. Do you think the cartridges are, I didn’t see where it said they weren’t?

  32. I have read many article seen may rating charts and have had many friends recommend different ones but no one seems to be able to agree on one. I am going to research some other brands before I make up my mind maybe they can agree on one. I never thought that quitting was going to be so difficult to do.

  33. I think if I was going to just get started on one of these I would start with a cheaper one simply because you don’t know if you are going to lie kit or not and if you like the cheapest one out there then you can only go up from there. Think how good it will be if you like the worst one there is and you switch to the best.

  34. Wow I should have taken advantage of the Green Smoke blow out sale of the classic starter kit while it was going on . I have never used one of these before and it would have been half the price of this kit. Thank you for the comparison chart though that will be very helpful when figuring out the one I will try.

    I think that this Green Smoke kit has more cartridges with it then any of the others which makes it a better value in my book. From what I understand the only reason that this one didn’t get the number one ranking is because of the cost of the starter kit. I was doing some math though and it figure out to be slightly less expensive than cigarettes.

  35. I have just decided to give up smoking and I know it is going to be difficult but I think with this it might be possible. Is it true that you still get some nicotine and the tobacco flavor so it seems like a real cigarette? I know I am supposed to be getting away from it but I figure a little at a time will be the best way to do that. One thing I noticed but my wife notice right away was the lack of noise it made. The first one I tried made the crackling noise almost like static electricity and the parts didn’t exactly fit together as tight as they should have so it wiggled back and forth when you were using it like it was going to fall apart. I am glad I found this one, thanks.

  36. I have been watching a few videos about various users demonstrating the Green Smoke electronic cigarette and the more I see, the more I want to try it. I also like the variety pack which you can purchase separately. This flavor cartridge pack comes with chocolate, menthol, cherry, coffee and regular tobacco.

  37. I am not quite sure why it is that I am leaning towards buying Green Smoke (it would be my first time buying and trying vapor cigarettes), but I think it is because of the videos I watched on the Green Smoke website, which demonstrated the cig and also pointed out that Green Smokes are larger than other vapor cigs because they are made with the flavor cartridge and atomizer all in the one tip.

  38. From watching the Green Smoke demonstrations videos, I think I am going to decide on Green Smoke because of the 2 piece design (why manage more pieces than that?) and because of the rave reviews I am hearing about the flavors. So far, I haven’t heard anyone commending the cherry flavor, but several persons like the tobacco and the coffee and chocolate flavors. There’s even a dude who smokes chocolate while snacking on pumpkin seeds.

  39. After examining the photo of this Green Smoke starter kit, I noticed that in this image, there are three cylinders or cigarette pipes. One is obviously the USB charger, but what about the other two? It seems that one is longer than the other. Are these two cigs the same thing? Is the longer one a longer lasting atomizer? Or is the flavor tip also the atomizer? I’m not sure what each piece actually does.

  40. I have to admit, I was a bit shocked by the sticker price of this starter kit. It is twice as much as that of the other brands, but upon closer inspection, I can see that the kit has more in the way of 10 FlavorMax Cartomizers along with a long and short term cigarette batter. Obviously, these are the extras that make this kit the most expensive, however, the issue is whether you get more for your dollar.

  41. I have been sold on buying a starter kit from one of the vapor cig brands. And although I am leaning towards buying Green Smoke – because of the flavor variety pack – I am a bit hesitant because of the higher price. I am very athletic and active and I follow a rigorous fitness regimen that includes 6 straight days of workouts which vary in intensity. I hope vaping once in a while doesn’t decrease my endurance.

  42. I heard some die-hard vaping users say that Green Smoke has become the New York Yankees of the electronic cigarette wars. I guess they say this to illustrate how large an advertising budget this brand utilizes to justify the highest prices on the market. But who doesn’t love the juggernaut? I do. After all, I am a die-hard Miami HEAT fan. I should try the South Beach Smoke brand…Naa, I’ll go with the evil empire of ecigs.

  43. This is definitely the best thing they could have done to help people stop smoking all together. From what I understand they still get the nicotine just not as much and eventually they can cut it out all together. Thank you for posting this information I appreciate it. I have some friends that want to stop smoking and I really think this will help because they will still go through the motions.

  44. This is definitely the best thing they could have done to help people stop smoking all together. From what I understand they still get the nicotine just not as much and eventually they can cut it out all together. Thank you for posting this information I appreciate it. I have some friends that want to stop smoking and I really think this will help because they will still go through the motions.

  45. I bought this starter kit over a month ago and the cartomizers are still going strong. 2 of my friends got them too.

  46. I searched all over the internet and there were so many choices I didn’t know where to purchase. I emailed customer service and all my questions were answered. I received my package just 3 days after placing my order and it is the best. I had several friends that tried other companies and I tried all their products and the kit I got is a much better product. The vapor is awesome and I am HOOkED.

  47. Did you know that studies have shown nicotine helps improve your memory? I consider myself a heavy Vaper and I still can’t find my car keys half the time. A recent study found that patients with mild cognitive impairment gain 46% of normal performance, while a test group who did not receive nicotine declined by 26% in the same period.

  48. Ever since they banned smoking in public places, I’ve never enjoyed a drinks party, ever again. And the reason is: When you go to a drink party and you stand up, and hold a glass of red, white or Pinot wine, and you talk endlessly to people, you don’t actually want to spend all the time talking. It’s really, really tiring. If you stand and stare out of the window, on your own, you’re an antisocial friendless idiot. I debated with a friend and defended vapor ecigs. My argument was about the misconception that nicotine causes cancer. It is not a known carcinogenic. In cigarettes, cancer is caused over a long period of time due to smoke inhalation and the burning of various carcinogenic chemicals. In fact, an interesting article actually notes that while tobacco and nicotine have been used for centuries, lung cancer was unknown until the invention of the machine rolled cigarettes in the late 19th century.

  49. If you didn’t think Big Tobacco was involved before, well you know now. Lorrilard announced today that is has acquired all of the assets of blu ecigs, for $135 million in cash.

  50. In case you guys haven’t heard, Gulf Port Beach is enacting a Cigarette Ban. Some might say there are other ways to prevent the ban like adding ash boxes, but we have them at my campus and people still throw their cigarette butts on the ground. The solution is Vapor cigs!

  51. I do appreciate al of the reviews and ratings charts that are provided on this website. All this information has definitely helped me to become educated about vapor cigarettes. I now know I want to buy a kit because I work on the computer for many hours and sometimes, when you start to feel restless, you need something to help you relax without clouding your thinking. Not only can nicotine relax you it can stimulate you as well. Take a little and it stimulates you, take a bit more and it’ll heighten your awareness of pleasure, take even more and it’ll calm you in a stressful situation. And now that we can have this benefit without all the toxic ingredients of tobacco – without offending the people around us or living in our home or apartment, I am ready to start vaping.

  52. These are awesome, I have tried quite a few of these things but there is something that keeps bringing me back to Green Smoke.

  53. like most starter vapors, I picked up a Blu first. I am not downing another company because they did make me realize that I can stop smoking analogs for good. They just weren’t good enough. The GS BLOWS THE BLU AWAY in all ways.

  54. After weeks of researching just about all of the brands of vapor cigarettes on this top 20 ratings list, I have gone back and forth with my buying decision, and now I think I have come full circle and traversed my decision back to Green Smoke. Overall, this starter kit seems to give you the most for your money – even though it is higher priced than most. The annual savings are more and the quality seems to be superior. I’m looking for a long term solutions and this seems to be it.

  55. Jane Does you have to try the Menthol Ice it is awesome, I understand completely how you feel about the Absolute tobacco but please try the others as well you don’t know what you are missing if anything.

  56. I have tried numerous ones and I have to admit I like the Safe Cig the best out of all of them so far. I know that this one is supposed to be the best but I thought the other choices of flavors was more inviting then this one.

  57. Recently I saw someone downtown smoking one and finally bought the Green Smoke kit. I am very satisfied.

  58. This is supposed to be one of the best ecigs on the market today and I got one and tried it and it wasn’t that great. The ones that offer more flavors I think are the better choice simply because of the flavors. Not to mention the Green Smoke is coming out with designer ones that don’t even look like cigarettes and I don’t like that idea.

  59. I have been trying to quit smoking for years and when these came out I thought great another scheme to get my money. It has been a life changer, I can still get the satisfaction of smoking without tobacco.

  60. I was very please to find out that the batteries that came with these ecigs were fully charged when I received them. I thought the whole thing was very satisfying I was really surprised when the vapor came off the end like smoke though.

  61. I love the fact that you can just throw away the cartomizer when you finish one and it has a fresh atomizer with it. Other brand that I have used had a tendency to leak as well and this one so far has not had that problem and I have had it and used it regularly for about 6 months now. Great job on these guys, I love them.

  62. I have just made the decision to quit smoking and my husband was telling me about these ecigs, I thought he had to be out of his mind to think that something like this would work in helping me. But after researching them and reading your articles I think maybe he is right and I should give it a try. Thank you so much for putting this information out there for people like me.

  63. This one is the most expensive because it comes with twice as many cartomizers right? If that is not the reason I am not sure what the reason is. I was watching the videos that you have attached as well and you did an excellent job on those it is amazing what I have earned about these just through your posts and I will make sure to share that with everyone I know that smokes. Because of all this I am putting together a smoker’s support group for those that want to quit smoking and I have been gathering information about all the ecig brands out there as well as some others on the market and I have to say I have learned a lot from your posts. I will definitely push your brand more than the others because I think they will be a better value.

  64. Have they ever thought about making some of these at half life and about half the liquid in the cartomizer so that they could give away free samples? Maybe even less than that would work, I just think that people need to be able to try them before they spend that much money.

  65. I had been wondering if I need to turn my battery on and off. Then someone responded with a resounding No!

  66. I quit smoking about a year ago and it has been really hard when I get around my friends that smoke to not pick one up and start again. After I got my Green Smoke it became a lot easier to do because now I can socially smoke with out the harmful stuff, except their second hand smoke that is. Maybe one day they will all want to use these instead.

  67. I just recently decided to stop smoking and I am getting mixed signals about which ecig I should try to keep the cravings at bay.

  68. I own a ProVari and I love it. BUT, hold off on the investment. It’s a lot of money to lay down right away. In my opinion – Start off with a Green Smoke starter kit and perhaps an extra variety falvor pack. You will like the flavors so much that you will be refilling soon anyway. So you may as well save the extra shipment charge by ordering an extra pack.

  69. The Green Smoke video promotions use the slogan, “real smoke, real people. And now that I have seen some of the video testimonials, I am becoming convinced that I do want give the vapor experience a try. I used to smoke when I was as young as a sixth grader, but thankfully, I got into athletics in High School. But I think I am ready to try the nicotine rush once again.

  70. I don’t know why, but I am thinking of going with Green Smoke. And all I can go by are the vast amount of videos that I have been watching. I don’t have anything else to go by since I have never tried vapor cigs. So maybe I’m just getting sold by the slick packaging and the way they present everything in the box. I guess all you can do is try it for yourself.

  71. I can’t wait to try the flavor variety pack. When I first became interested in vapor cigarettes, I thought I would only be interested in a realistic, tobacco flavor. But the more I read about the flavors and after watching a video about a guy rave about the flavors, I may as well give the variety pack a go.

  72. Lawrence, thank you so much for the information on the pricing I had no idea and to be honest I wasn’t looking at where any of them were made, I really should because I want to support the US as much as possible and the company that are here. I appreciate the kick in the pants there that will be very helpful when trying to find a good brand.

  73. Clifford, best of luck to you man on quitting, and yes I agree the best thing for the environment is these and they are better for you when you are trying to quit. You have a great blog here and you have given people a lot of information with the charts and things. I hope that it will get everyone started on the road to quitting, my mom has done it for 25 years.

  74. Lisa, I think they help the environment because they are a vapor not a smoke.

  75. I read what people are saying about this being the best e-cig out there but I disagree and I am not disagreeing in a bad way I just think that the Smoke tip is a better one. It is still in the family of the Green Smoke so technically it isn’t that big of a deal right? Thank you for posting this information I enjoyed the comparisons between the three that I have read.

  76. I have to think that Green Smoke is the most popular brand among the elite in entertainment. Many celebrities have taken a liking to this brand, according to several videos that have been circulating the sharing networks like Youtube – among others. I just hope the initial high price for the kit pays of in the long run with the price of the refills and the durability of the cigarette. At least I hope so. If not I will be back to complain to you here. Peace out.

  77. The Green Smoke kit has the most professional appearance outside the box, and the most comfortable one inside. They definitely want you to feel warm and fuzzy with your product, and the steps they’ve taken to improve their product over the last couple of years really pay off. I can honestly say that from top to bottom, it’s the best e-cig I’ve used. The battery never hesitates and there’s plenty of vapor that tastes great.

  78. First and foremost (to me) it is the enjoyment, e.g.: it tastes better … there is so much choice and variety … and it’s a gadget (“boys and their toys). I never really wanted to quit smoking – I enjoyed it (nothing like it; I’ve come to enjoy vaping, however. I don’t think you can find your most ideal brand the first time out. You need to try a few brands to know what you want.

  79. I have to balk a little bit at the premium price for the Green Smoke kit. The company does give you more refills than the other brands, but for someone who is just starting out, I sure would like to see a mini package starter kit.

  80. I’m writing a movie script and I am thinking of making electronic cigarettes part of many of the scenes. This is a good opportunity for an ecig brand to run a product placement campaign. This of course, depends on the script getting bought by a studio and made. Once it is at that stage, I would expect Green Smoke to lead the way in getting these rights. From what I have seen, they are the most heavily promoted brand.

  81. This to me is the best thing since sliced bread and I would thoroughly recommend Greensmoke to any one and you will be saving a small fortune. This I can guarantee: you will practically forget you are inhaling vapor.

  82. Green Smoke has that big extra pack with all the flavors. I want to try that when I buy the starter kit, but the only place I know where to buy it is from the official Green Smoke website. So unless I hear different, that is where I will go to make my purchase – or anywhere where they accept PayPal.

  83. I hope that the medical community continues to study the long term effects of vapor intake of nicotine. We need this because even though electronic cigs are healthier than analog cigarettes, there is still much to be learned from this new technology. What is needed is a long term study. In fact, if there are any studies already being conducted which would pay me to use vapor cigarettes, I would sign up right away – today!

  84. This is the brand that seems to offer you the most – not for your buck, but just in terms of the amount of items in the starter kit.

  85. Harry, yes you have to try the flavored cartridges because they open up a completely different world for the smoking experience. Smoking real cigarettes there is no flavor to it except menthol so when you first try one of these you are going to be hooked for sure. Post again after you get yours and let us know what you thought.

  86. Green smoke is good but it doesn’t offer enough to me. When you have these others offering more cartridges and they are flavored that makes this one look like the starter kit and that is just for you to do a test run on before you buy the one you actually want.

  87. Here’s a fun fact: Electronic Cigarettes were invented by a Chinese pharmacist who watched his father die of lung cancer but was unable to stop smoking himself. He reasoned that if the nicotine that smokers crave could be delivered via a less hazardous method, millions of lives could be saved. His invention vaporizes a liquid that contains a small amount of nicotinetypically less than 2%. The vapor is created using the same type of chemical used in artificial fog machines.

  88. I read a a new, small study which suggests that Electronic cigarettes appear to be far less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and don’t seem to damage the heart. Smoking one tobacco cigarette resulted in a significant increase in blood pressure and heart rate, but electronic cigarettes had only a minimal effect on heart function. This indicates that even though electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine, it is absorbed at a lower rate compared to tobacco cigarettes, the researchers said.

  89. I know a lady that is trying to stop smoking right now and this would be perfect for her.

  90. Green Smoke is good. I like the air intake hole at the tip so my fingers don’t interfere. But this results in a slight delay in vapor hitting my throat, which I don’t like.

    Flavors are decent. Could be a little stronger, but the vapor quality is second-to-none. The E-cig component is high-quality. No popping or hissing sound like the cheap brands. Green Smoke costs a little more, but it’s a solid brand.

  91. GS my first e-cig. Got the Classic Starter Kit 9 days ago, has short and long batteries, 5 carts. Loved it first 6 days. Second cart went in under 3 days (I’m only using this 5 to 6 times a day, between 5 and 10 puffs) and the short battery already needs to be constantly charged as it won’t “hold” a charge. Waiting for CS, hope they change my mind on returning. I do LOVE!! the menthol flavor, smooth, light and crisp (0.06 nic, trying to completely quit that). The main reason, once I am completely off nicotine, to use the e cig is the habit, the fidget need something to do with my hands, the “count to 10″ that smoking gives me, I enjoy smoking. I don’t enjoy being addicted to nicotine and I hate the smell of analogs along with the price and the waste.

    Am wondering if the carts for GS and Apollo Extreme are the same size since I do like the GS flavors (and Apollo doesn’t have chocolate).

    I like the whole idea: no smell!! no ash!! no butts!! actually cheaper in the long run and I was a light smoker (5-8 analogs a day). Just not sure about GS and the constant! having to charge and can only charge 1 battery at a time.

  92. Matt, that “popping”? I’m using GS and I DO get that crackling/popping. And boy when you get close to the end of a cart, that “burnt” taste … these companies need to give us indicators that batteries/carts are getting low!

  93. Robert sounds like a non-smoker who has never been through addition to tobacco cigarettes. I am a former smoker, and it was relatively easy for me to shun the habit. Not all people are alike, Robert, and congradulations if you have an iron will. Unfornutantely no-one can will others to have the same drive and determination. Ease up and embrace the realities of people. Any means that will assist people to stop smoking real tobacco, so long as it is less harmful, is great.

  94. That’s not a review or comment about the product. Why are you even on here if you don’t smoke. Nobody want’s your irrelevant opinion. Nicotine is as addictive as heroin so until you have dealt with it shut up.

  95. ALL of the ecig brands reviewed here are overpriced and obsolete; I suggest that anyone interested in ecigs visit e-cigarette forum (google it), where you’ll find 96,000 members to chat with, many incredibly helpful forums and a terrific range of products discussed (by consumers) that far surpass the ones sold by these giant ecig companies. In fact, you’ll find these same products at much lower prices. I’ve been vaping for 3 years and have no interest here except to help newcomers avoid ripoffs. Just stumbled on this site. Good grief.

  96. Helpful comment idiot….
    Presume you have no bad habits, except maybe trolling

  97. Love Greensmoke.and being able to get cartomizers at a local drugstore. A bit pricy though. Been looking for a comparable refill…so far, no luck

  98. Very good review! Note: Green Smoke offers a “Trade IN” deal, where is you have previously bought someone else’s starter kit, and maybe aren’t happy, you can get a FREE into kit from Green Smoke, consisting of one long battery, usb charger, and 2 Absolute Tobacco cartomizers. I have tried several e-cigs and 2 different starter kits, one horrible, one decent but just not quite sufficient for a long-time, heavy smoker. Green Smoke has great batteries, and quality cartomizers that are far above any e-cigs that I have tried to date.

  99. I think Green Smoke is one of the best out on the market and I have tried many of them. This one had the best price and the best choices, not to mention so far it is the only one that you can personalize.

  100. I have heard many people say that this is their favorite one and that if you are going to try one this one it the one to go with because you can get the best deals price wise and it gives you a starting point.

  101. Rman5 I have heard the same things, I wish they would come out with a test pack that had cartridges in it that would have about the amount that is in an actual one so that they could put one of all of them in there and you could see which one you like more. I like the Blu Cig simply because of what it looks like but I have to look at price.

  102. I was looking at these because my sister is trying to stop smoking and I was hoping that this would help her. I am amazed at the prices on some of these though and I am afraid I will have to let price dictate which one I get for her.

  103. I agree with the people that are talking about how Robert must not be a smoker and how everyone is different when it comes to addiction and they are right it is hard to break bad habits. Thank you for posting this because that is something that I have stuggled with for a long time.

  104. I’ve been vaping for four days now with Green Smoke. It’s easy to use and it really gives a great flavor. Looks very nice too.

    With a fresh cartomizer you get a real throat hit. It resembles my brand of analog cigarettes here in Europe (Amsterdam). I noticed I tend to smoke less analog cigarettes. Green Smoke fills in my need. Really.

    Shipment took five days. The starter kit is an eye catcher. Good work.

    So, first impression of Green Smoke (starter kit – Europe – NL): great stuff. Well done you guys. A strong suggestion would be to make the cartomizers a lot cheaper and/or more long lasting. After a day or so, you need to screw on a new cartomizer. This strong suggestion forms a minus for Green Smoke. It’s pretty expensive; I need a cartomizer each day (Red Tobacco – 2.4) to get ± 125 good puffs. That’s probably the only drawback.

  105. Green smoke is a great product, i use it all of the time. Most of my suppliments come from here smokegreener.fr Great product to help stop smoking tabbaco.