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Breathe Fresh Addresses Battery Issues

Editor, eCigs HQ
Posted 2/15/13

Breathe Fresh Addresses Battery Problems photo 1.

Complete text of letter from Breathe Fresh to its customers addressing battery problems:

Dear Valued Customer,

We are now offering a FREE Battery for every order of five (5) refill cartridge packs or more!

Based on your feedback we are now addressing the number one problem that ALL electronic cigarette companies face, which is the issue with the battery failing to work after a certain number of uses.

Our R&D department continues to work diligently to improve the life cycle of our batteries; however, it has become evident that we need a solution while we continue to develop the perfect Breathe Fresh battery.

After exploring a number of options on how to address this issue we have decided to offer a FREE Battery with all orders of five (5) or more refill cartridge packs.

Please note that this offer will only be available Version 2.0 items.

No coupon code is necessary and you should see the free battery added to your cart as long as five or more version 2.0 refill cartridge packs are in your cart. Your order can be a mix of any flavors and nicotine levels and works the same for orders placed by phone.

This policy is effective immediately, and all pending orders that meet the criteria will have a free battery included.

We believe that this is the best solution, since there will no longer be a need to return batteries in order to receive a replacement. This enables you to have fresh, new batteries at all times at no additional cost.

We will still honor our LIFETIME WARRANTY on all purchased batteries and batteries that are included in Starter Kits.

These Batteries will need to be returned first before replacements are shipped.

Breathe Fresh eCigs is always looking to improve your experience with our products and we welcome your feedback on this new policy change. We also welcome any additional feedback that would enable us to enhance your vaping experience.

For all customers looking to upgrade to the Version 2.0 Kit we are offering a one FINAL 30% discount good until the end of February (Coupon Code: newpolicy).

Thank you so much for choosing us as your electronic cigarette supplier and we look forward to your continued support.


Nick Ross
Breathe Fresh E-cigarettes

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