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eCig HQ Views on Electronic Cigarette News from Across the Globe

eCigs HQ is pleased to present its new News Briefs page. Here you’ll find the latest electronic cigarette industry news stories that are of concern to e-smokers. As a relatively new and progressively popular technology, e-cigarette products, perceptions, prohibitions, policies, promotions, and pricing are in a permanent state of flux, producing an ever-increasing flow of information. We’ll be here to sort it out and provide you with the factual information you need as well as our own analysis.

If you have feedback related to any of the stories presented here — or on how this page might be improved — please leave your remarks in the Comments section below. Thank you for visiting our site, and as always, we look forward to hearing from you.

But misguided or agenda-driven public health officials worldwide are condemning one hope for slowing this catastrophe — electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigarettes,” and certain low-risk tobacco products that have the potential to reduce the risk caused by smoking.”

Gilbert Ross, M.D.
Executive and Medical Director
The American Council on

Science and Health
Friday, November 16th, 2012

The Deadly Crusade Against E-cigarettes

Think that you’ll only read editorials lambasting the FDA, Health Canada, the A.M.A., the American Lung Association, and other health associations regarding their insane stances towards electronic cigarettes on e-cig manufacturer and review sites like this one? Think again.

Dr. Gilbert Ross has published a new article in The American, the Online Magazine of the American Enterprise Institute, in which he takes on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organization, and the European Union Health Commission. He chastises them for their “misguided or agenda driven” attitudes towards e-cigarettes, which he sees as a “public health tool” and “a good way to save millions of lives.”

It is becoming increasingly clear that organizations tasked with informing the public and protecting their health will no longer go unchallenged regarding nonsensical restrictions and bans on electronic smoking products.

Thank you, Dr. Gilbert, for injecting sanity into this crucial public discourse. The stakes could not be higher. The health of millions of tobacco smokers worldwide lies in the balance.

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Tuesday, September 18th, 2012


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Breathe Fresh E-Cigarettes:  Website is Down Pending an Upgrade — or Out of Business? screenshot

Monday, September 10th, 2012

9/18/12 UPDATE: Breathe Fresh Website Up and Running

Since this past weekend the Breathe Fresh website has been down with a single and perhaps ominous message posted at http://www.BreatheFreshEcigs.com: “Website is Down Pending an Upgrade.” Visiting the affiliate section of the site (http://www.breathefreshecigs.com/affiliates/login.php) results in a page with the following verbiage: “iDevAffiliate Database Connectivity Error We Could Not Connect To Your Database: ecigtave_affiliate Check Your Database Settings In API/database.php”.

It is our hope they return to business as usual, sooner than later.”

eCigs HQ Editor

As a matter of complete disclosure, eCigs HQ is a Breathe Fresh affiliate. This simply means that we are paid a commission if a visitor to our website that we refer to their website makes a purchase. Last week, after realizing that we had not received an affiliate commission check from Breathe Fresh in some time, we logged into the affiliate section which indicated that we had not received any payment since May of this year. This was unusual, as commissions had been earned since May, but not paid for.

Earlier this evening, we sent Breathe Fresh an e-mail asking for their comment on the matter, but have yet to receive a reply. If a reply is received, we will post their response here.

While it is not our intent to start rumors, we believe it only fair that Breathe Fresh’s customers be made aware of this issue so that they can plan their e-cigarette purchases accordingly.

We have always enjoyed smoking Breathe Fresh and found them to be a low cost provider of quality products. We especially like their unique flavor. It is our hope they return to business as usual, sooner than later.

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E-cigarette industry booming photo 1.

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

E-cigarette Industry Booming

According to the HuffPost UK, the electronic cigarette industry is growing at the very healthy rate of roughly 50% per year.

This looks like another insidious, manipulative attempt to hook people on smoking.”

Australian Health Minister

Government regulating agencies’ responses to the trend have varied markedly in different parts of the world. While outright bans on e-cig sales have been instituted in countries like Australia. Other countries, like the U.K., have taken a wait-and-see approach, allowing — at least temporarily — for the industry to self-regulate.

Despite bans, and in addition to the increasing number of e-cigarette users, the growing number of manufacturers is indicative of a nascent industry still relatively free from overly-burdensome regulations and prohibitive start-up costs.

It is the opinion of eCigs HQ that entrance of major international brands like Lorillard and British American Tobacco into the market is the surest sign to date that despite many initial bumps and bruises, the electronic cigarette industry is here to stay.

The Continued Rise Of E-Cigarettes

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Gizmodo Rates the Best E-cigarettes photo 1.

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Gizmodo Rates the Best E-cigarettes

Our favorite gadget site, Gizmodo, put 6 top brands of electronic cigarettes through some heavy testing by pack-day-editor, Mario Aguilar, who managed to quite tobacco cigarettes during the testing. Kudos, Mario. Henceforth you shall be referred to as “former-pack-day-editor…”

The reviews are brief, limited to his own opinions, but to the point, and brutally honest. He rated V2 Cigs and Mad Vapes as “honorable mentions,” while 4th place went to Blu Cigs, 3rd place to The Safe Cig, 2nd place to Vapor4Life — and drumroll please — 1st place to NJOY. While we can’t say that we agree with all his analyses, we did enjoy his reviews that stand apart if for no other reason than the lack of affiliate links pointing at the brands’ websites.

In eCigs HQ’s opinion, the greatest significance of the article is that he was able to test the new NJOY “soft cartomizer” e-cigarette that is due to become available in October of this year. While we had read of this game-changing design advance, Mario’s is the first unbiased review of the product we have seen. We’ll leave it to Gizmodo to provide the details, but this is undoubtedly the most important advance in electronic smoking technology since the advent of the two-piece e-cig.

The Best E-Cigarette

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E-cigarettes: No smoke, but fiery debate photo 1.

Monday, August 20th, 2012

To Smoke or to E-Smoke — That is the Question

Late last week the Detroit Free Press published an article describing the current debate between tobacco abolitionists and proponents of electronic cigarettes. While there is strong opinion and supporting data on both sides of the argument, the outcome of this dispute has yet to be determined.

The article references a Boston University School of Public Health study that found nearly two-thirds of the respondents indicated that e-cigarettes had helped them reduce their tobacco use, while nearly a third reported that the devices had allowed them to quit tobacco products entirely. These are certainly promising results, and bode well for the continued availability of electronic smoking products as a tobacco alternative.

However, the FDA, Federal and State agencies, as well as anti-tobacco groups, have expressed concern relating to the safety of the inhaled vapor, its affects on passive e-smokers, and the general the lack of industry standards and regulations. Further, a number of states have begun to explore the potential of e-cigarettes as a revenue source, as the courts have determined that they may be regulated by the FDA as tobacco products, opening the door to state and federal taxation.

eCigs HQ believes that while the industry would benefit from standards and reasonable regulation, e-cigarettes have the potential to eradicate the harms of tobacco products, while allowing adults who choose to smoke a safe and satisfying way to do so.

E-cigarettes: No smoke, but fiery debate

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Big Tobacco Sees Future in Electronic Cigarettes photo 1.

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Big Tobacco Sees Future in Electronic Cigarettes

As taxes, regulations, and ordinances concerning the sale and use of tobacco cigarettes continue to increase while the number of smokers steadily declines, cigarette manufacturers worldwide have begun to invest in smokeless alternatives.

Government campaigns to reduce cigarette smoking have been to a large degree successful, decreasing the number of U.S. adult smokers by more than 50 percent since the first mandatory surgeon general’s warnings appeared on cigarette packaging in 1965. Since that time tobacco consumers have been besieged by government statutes, private-sector policies, and ever-increasing prices. Despite the numerous pressures to quit, 43 million Americans continue to smoke, providing a sizable, if shrinking market for tobacco products.

In what can only be seen as a turning point in the war on smoking, big tobacco companies including Lorillard, Philip Morris International, RJ Reynolds, and British-American Tobacco, have begun to make major investments in electronic cigarette products. While this strategy may eventually offset shrinking tobacco revenue, it places big tobacco in the somewhat strange position of promoting the sale of tobacco cigarettes while encouraging the adoption of e-cigarettes as a better way to smoke.

eCigs HQ believes these developments ultimately benefit the electronic cigarette consumer, as big tobacco’s research and development spending will likely result in safer, higher quality e-cigarettes.

Big tobacco push for cigarette alternatives

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Blu Cigs promotional photo 1.

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Wall Street Bullish on Lorillard and e-Cigarettes

Despite disappointing analysts on July 25, 2012 with reported Q2 earnings of $2.19 per share, the third-largest tobacco cigarette manufacturer in the U.S., Lorillard, Inc. (NYSE:LO : 122.74, -3.28) is still enjoying bullish sentiment on the Street for Q3/Q4, 2012.

On August 6, 2012, equity research and analysis site, iStockAnalyst, recommended tobacco giant Lorillard as a buy to its readers, citing (amongst other factors) their April 2012 acquisition of Blu Cigs, a market leader in the rapidly-expanding e-cigarette field.

The acquisition provides Lorillard an entry in to the rapidly growing e-cigarette category as the regulators are tightening their noose on the sales of normal tobacco, which damage lungs and protects them from life-threatening diseases such as cancer. “We would recommend investors focus on Lorillard (17% upside + 5% yield) as a way to optimize total returns in Tobacco,” UBS analyst Nik Modi said in a client note.

Additionally, respected equity market analysts Market Edge, S&P Capital IQ, and The Street, all rate Lorillard as a “buy.”

eCigs HQ sees analyst confidence in the nascent e-cigarette industry as a positive development, indicating that electronic smoking products are gaining widespread acceptance as negative product perceptions begin to dissipate.

Lorillard (LO): Buy For The 2H Recovery

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eCig News Briefs photo 2.

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Czech Republic Debates Application of Smoking Bans to e-Cigarettes

In what may well be remembered as yet another misguided government attempt to safeguard public health, the Czech Republic is presently debating new regulations which would prohibit the smoking of e-cigarettes wherever traditional tobacco smoking is banned.

Head of the Czech Center for Tobacco Addiction in Prague, Doctor Eva Králíková, has recently completed a new study that reports fully one third of Czech smokers have tried electronic smoking devices. This should be considered a positive development in a country where fully 30% of the 15-years-or-older population are tobacco users.

Regarding the proposed legislation Dr. Králíková commented, “Their safety or even efficacy as a smoking cessation aid has yet to be proven. But on the other side, it is important to point out that they do not produce any smoke. Nothing is burning in them and so there are definitely not thousands of chemicals there, which are present in tobacco smoke. So the risk is incomparable with classic cigarettes and I wouldn’t be afraid of them. But as a doctor I cannot recommend e-cigarettes because I don’t know the exact composition of what is in them, but on the other side, it is almost zero risk.”

eCigs HQ must agree with the good doctor and find her approach to be the well-reasoned opinion of a medical professional that more doctors and regulatory agencies would do well to emulate.

The e-cigarette phenomenon —study finds a third of Czech smokers have tried the new “safe” cigarettes

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