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eCigs HQ Publishes New Report, “Canada vs. E-cigarettes”

As billions of dollars in tobacco revenues continue to roll into government coffers, Health Canada enforces a ban on electronic cigarettes. Meanwhile more than 100 Canadians die of tobacco-related diseases daily. Where’s the outrage?


Canada vs. E-cigarettes illustration.

LOS ANGELES, CA — November 13, 2012 – eCigs HQ (http://www.ecigshq.com), a consumer-centric electronic cigarette review site, has published a new report on Canada’s ongoing electronic cigarette ban: “Canada vs. E-cigarettes.”

“Banning e-cigarettes is akin to banning seat belts because some were found to cause skin rashes,” said eCigs HQ Editor, Anne Metzger. She continued, “These products save lives. Period.”

Canada has long championed progressive harm reduction strategies in order to best protect their citizens from the detrimental health and social consequences associated with addiction. Rather than mimic the US’ law-and-order approach to substance abuse, Health Canada has consistently moved towards a European policy model that supports maintenance in addition to abstinence and enforcement. Advocates of these strategies point to the success of methadone maintenance and needle exchange programs for intravenous drug users.

However, such is not the case in the matter of nicotine addiction. Rather than pursue a harm reduction strategy that includes maintenance as well as abstinence, Canada has adopted a ‘quit-or-die’ approach. And in the case of all too many Canadians, the tragic result of this policy is death via tobacco-related disease.

…as a matter of policy, Health Canada treats heroin addicts with compassion and nicotine addicts with disdain.”

Anne Metzger, e-Cigs HQ Editor

“It is not overstating the case to associate the ban with certain death for many current smokers as the electronic cigarette has demonstrated heretofore unseen success rates as a nicotine replacement therapy and a smoking cessation aid,” said Ms. Laura Conzo Brady, eCigs HQ Editor and author of the “Canada vs. E-cigarettes” report.

“If even a modicum of common sense prevailed, Health Canada would be working with electronic cigarette manufacturers to implement reasonable safety standards while encouraging current tobacco users to make the switch, rather than wasting their time and the people’s money attempting to enforce an unenforceable ban,” concluded, Ms. Conzo Brady.

“The unfortunate truth is this,” added Ms. Metzger, “As a matter of policy, Health Canada treats heroin addicts with compassion and nicotine addicts with disdain.”

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