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eCigs HQ Publishes New Report: “The FDA’s War on E-cigarettes”

As an ever-increasing number of studies conclude that e-cigarettes are no more dangerous than their FDA-approved, big-pharma product counterparts, physicians are beginning to recognize that electronic cigarettes represent our best hope against the scourge of tobacco-related disease. Despite all this, the FDA has failed to alter its outdated and misguided stance against electronic smoking products, further jeopardizing the lives of millions of US smokers.


FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg illustration.

LOS ANGELES, CA — November 29, 2012 – eCigs HQ (http://www.ecigshq.com), a consumer-centric electronic cigarette review site, has published a new report on the FDA’s ongoing war on e-cigarettes.

The report reviews the most recent scientific findings related to the health effects of electronic cigarettes; the relative safety of these products when compared to tobacco cigarettes; their efficacy as a nicotine replacement therapy; their role in tobacco harm reduction efforts; as well as the differences between e-cigarettes and their tobacco counterparts.

“FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapies, such as the patch, inhalers and nicotine gum, have proven largely ineffective, as they fail to address the psychological and tactile aspects of the smoking habit,” said eCigs HQ editor, Laura Conzo Brady. She continued, “Electronic smoking products offer a far more convincing “smoking” experience, making them our best hope against the myriad of the often-lethal diseases associated with tobacco use.”

The report goes on to question why the FDA has failed to embrace the technology as a way to save the lives of millions of addicted US smokers, while it continues to plead ignorance – relying on the same “we just don’t know enough about them” excuse.

FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapies, such as the patch, inhalers and nicotine gum, have proven largely ineffective…”

Laura Conzo Brady, e-Cigs HQ Editor

It has been more than three years since the FDA’s produced a single, “small” and “sloppy” study of two electronic cigarette brands. Limited in scope, the study raised as many questions as it answered. The nascent electronic smoking industry has changed much during the ensuing three years. As the lives of millions of Americans hang in the balance, the report concludes that it is time for the FDA took a long, hard second look at e-cigarettes.

To read the complete report, “The FDA’a War on E-cigarettes,” please visit: http://www.ecigshq.com/the-fdas-war-on-e-cigarettes

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