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Green Smoke Introduces the Designer Collection


Editor, eCigs HQ

Posted 6/19/12

Green Smoke Designer Collection photo 1.

Cool, stylish, and sexy are all we have to say about Green Smoke‘s new designer batteries. These eight eye-catching designs give you the flair you crave, and are exactly what you need to stand out of the crowd and make your statement. Be proud, be unique. The age of electronic cigarette smoking has arrived. Customize your smoking experience today.

Eight Designs — Endless Possibilities

Cooperstown – Hit it Home

Good ‘ol American pastime. The Cooperstown battery puts a new spin on “Hall of Famer.” Remember the days when life was simpler – with Green Smoke. – Goes nicely with Absolute Tobacco

El Paso – Strong and Smooth

The flavor of the old west. The El Paso battery. Images of Indians and horses come to mind. Smoking this battery brings that classic time to the present, with a Green Smoke twist. Goes Nicely with Red Label

New Orleans – All that Jazz

Smooth and classy. The New Orleans battery is a great way to make some awesome music. Screw on a cartomizer, smoke into the night and leave your worries behind. Goes Best with Menthol Ice

Chicago – My Kind of Cigarette

That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Upscale and fine. The Chicago battery is the perfect companion to a fine wine and a great restaurant. Cocktails and caviar anyone? Looks Great with Tobacco Gold

Seattle – Own the Day

The morning brings sunshine and fresh possibilities. The Seattle battery brings the feeling of newness – like anything’s possible. Don’t let anyone say that you can’t. You can! Looks Great with Mocha Mist

Charleston – Get in Gear

Inspired by innovation, the Charleston battery says the push limits. Don’t take no for an answer. Whatever you want to create…do it! – Looks especially nice with Vanilla Dream.

Manhattan – Explore the World

Opportunities abound with the Manhattan battery. Where will you go today? So many choices and not enough time to do it all. Just remember that you have a trusted friend with you that knows no boundaries. Looks Best with Smooth Chocolate

Springfield The Noble Spirit

Fresh. Smooth. Welcome to your true flavor. The Springfield battery, aka, The Green Smoke battery, is the best way to show your true colors. Be proud and unique. Show the world that green reigns! – Goes best with your favorite flavors.

  • Works with all Green Smoke products
  • Same long lasting power, and durability of Green Smoke’s classic battery.


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