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Is NJOY Phasing out Rechargeable E-cigarettes?

Editor, eCigs HQ

Is NJOY Phasing out Rechargeable E-cigarettes? photo 1.

Updated Friday, February 8th, 2013

NJOY, one of the most established electronic cigarette brands on the market, appears to be phasing out rechargeable e-cigarettes.

While eCigs HQ has not received any official word from the company to confirm or deny this, we do know that the NJOY Deluxe Starter Kit is no longer available and the NJOY website now lists only one rechargeable, the Express Starter Kit.

An NJOY Customer Sales Representative reached by phone today could not provide additional information regarding the Deluxe Starter Kit other than to say that it was presently “out of stock.” When questioned as to why the kit would be entirely removed from the website if it were it simply “out of stock,” she indicated that she did not have any information regarding its future availability, or the continued availability of rechargeable kits other than to say that the Express Kit is currently available for purchase.

NJOY Executive Vice President, Roy Anise provided the following response to our request for additional information regarding the future of rechargeable NJOY e-cigarettes:

“I very much appreciate your interest in our plans for our rechargeable product line, however we do not comment on our future new product plans for competitive reasons. I can say this, our new NJOY Kings product has redefined what an e-cig is, both technologically and with its flavor system, and it represents NJOY’s industry leading innovation capability. After a few short months, NJOY Kings is already the industry leading product as measured by Nielsen in convenience stores, which is where most cigarettes are sold. This innovation effort is guided by our mission, which simply stated, is to obsolete cigarettes. Perhaps this is delusional, and it is certainly audacious, but nevertheless it is what drives everything we do. We have a deep new product pipeline that reflects this innovation capability and our mission.”

The Revolutionary NJOY King Disposable

On Dec 6th, 2012, NJOY introduced their innovative disposable electronic cigarette, the NJOY King. Unlike any e-cigarette seen before or since, the NJOY King:

  • Is extremely light weight
  • Has a paper-like texture
  • Includes a “soft filter”
  • Is essentially the same size as a king-size tobacco cigarette

While the King has received kudos from retailers, the vaping public’s reviews have been decidedly mixed. Based on the comments posted at eCigs HQ, there appear to be issues with longevity. A number of commenters have claimed that the Kings simply do not last very long. As there is no way for us to determine if the comments posted are indeed genuine, unbiased appraisals, eCigs HQ will perform its own analysis in the coming days and update this page with our results.

The Disadvantages of Disposable E-cigarettes

While disposable electronic cigarettes are certainly popular enough to occupy coveted counter space in major convenience store chains like 7-Eleven, they are not the overwhelming choice of former smokers who generally prefer rechargeable two-piece designs.

In addition to offering a greater range of flavors, nicotine levels, and batteries, rechargeables provide consumers with a far more cost-effective way to vape. Consider that the NJOY King currently retails for approximately $8.00 per single disposable, while eCigs HQ’s three top-rated brands average less than $3.00 per cartomizer. Excluding starter kit costs, that’s a greater than 50% savings.

In a cost comparison against a premium brand like Green Smoke that assumes a one-to-one longevity equivalency between an NJOY King disposable and Green Smoke’s acclaimed FlavorMax™ Cartomizer, a former pack-a-day smoker would save $5.05 per day, $35.48 per week, $153.73 per month, and $1,844.70 per year* by using Green Smoke rechargeable e-cigs even when you include the $99.97 cost of the Green Smoke Pro Kit.

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Is a new King coming?

According to projections by Wells Fargo Securities, NJOY currently controls roughly 39% of the retail electronic cigarette market with a formidable online presence in addition to nearly 30,000 retail outlets. It is the opinion of eCigs HQ that dropping rechargeable e-cigarettes from their product line would be a risky long-term strategy for an established brand like NJOY. We believe that a third possibility exits.

While we have no information to support our contention, we believe that NJOY will likely apply the innovative features of the disposable NJOY King to a new rechargeable product line. Based on their current market presence, such a move would in all probability, further solidify their current standing as the leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes for now and the foreseeable future.

*Assumes purchase of Green Smoke FlavorMax™ Cartomizer 16-packs at $212.97 per 80 cartomizers.

The NJOY King Disposable E-cigarette

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