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V2 Cigs Announces Free Shipping!

V2 is making it easier than ever to keep your New Year's resolution by introducing FREE Flat-Rate Shipping!

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V2 Cigs Halloween Surprise!

While you get ready for trick-or-treaters, V2 Cigs is planning a surprise for you! After all, they don't think kids should have all the fun. Be sure to stop by V2Cigs.com on October 30th, 2012 and start your Halloween celebration early this year!

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White Cloud Review

This is an excellent value as White Cloud is one of the highest quality brands we have ever tested. If you are a heavy smoker, we could not recommend a better e-cigarette to satisfy your Nicotine requirements.

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V2 Cigs Review


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Vapor King eTank Review

Vapor King eTank has earned 4 STARS and is RECOMMENDED WITH CERTAIN RESERVATIONS. Add one-half star if you prefer three-piece designs.

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NJOY Review

However, the cartridge refills are the most expensive we have reviewd thus far. Therefore, if you have a limited budget for your e-cigarettes, NJOY may not be the ideal option for you.

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Blu Cigs Review

We have awarded BLU CIGS 4 STARS and is RECOMMENDED for people who are attempting to quit smoking or who simply want to take advantage of a healthier smoking option. If you are not a purist when it comes to the flavor of your tobacco, this could be the ideal electronic cigarette for you.

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Choice 7’s Review

Choice 7’s has earned FOUR STARS and is RECOMMENDED. Choice 7’s are very good e-cigs at a reasonable price, but unfriendly company policies would make us think twice about reordering.

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