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White Cloud e-Cigarettes Introduces the Fling Mini!

Editor, eCigs HQ™
Posted 5/22/13

New disposable electronic cigarettes is the same size as a traditional tobacco cigarette.

White Cloud Introduces the Fling Mini photo 1.

Introducing the New Fling Mini!

White Cloud‘s latest innovation has finally arrived! Fling Minis utilize the same technology as their full-sized cousins, but in a package as small and light as a traditional cigarette.

The new Fling Mini disposable electronic cigarette produces approximately 150 rich, full-flavored puffs of vapor in one conveniently sized package. There’s no charging necessary; simply enjoy and replace when it stops producing vapor. The smaller design makes it easier than ever to carry your e cig with you and enjoy it virtually anywhere while the exclusive soft tip makes it feel even more like a real cigarette between your fingers and on your lips.

Satisfy even your strongest nicotine cravings without any of the negative aspects of tobacco cigarettes and save thousands of dollars over the course of a year with the new Fling Mini disposable e-cigarette. Choose your favorite flavors and experience the White Cloud difference today.

Fling A Friend!

Fling A Friend prices on 10 packs of Flings makes it easy to share a Fling with a friend! It’s a great way to introduce them to E cigarettes, and all the original flavors of White Cloud!

Perhaps you’re already using e-cigs, but are not fully satisfied with your current brand. Well here’s your opportunity to try 10 different White Cloud flavors of your choosing in the Nicotine level that best suits your vaping habits.

Want to try a better brand for less? For a limited time only, White Cloud is offering its Fling Mini Disposables 10-packs for the unheard of price of only $29.95. That’s only $2.95 each!

Former pack-a-day-plus smokers will be please to know that White Cloud produces a “Double Extra” cartridge that is a full 5.4% Nicotine. That’s the highest level we know of and enough to sate the cravings of even the heaviest smoker. Click the photo above or the red text link below to save on your Flings today! Note that available Nicotine levels vary by flavor.

Enjoy the REALLY BIG SAVINGS on all FLING MINI Disposable
10-Packs (only $2.95 each)!

White Cloud Fling Disposable logo.

Fling flavors include:
  • Regular: Just like the fire toasted tobacco from the roaring 40’s.
  • Menthol: A cooling menthe with a hint of Eucalyptus.
  • Cin: The perfect balance of zingy sweetness and a hot burst of full flavor will satisfy your deepest nicotine cravings with every cinnamon puff.
  • Vanilla: Skip the calories and have two scoops of this vanilla.
  • Espresso: Never before has it been so easy to have a cigarette with your coffee.
  • Strawberry: Just like a fresh picked strawberry.
  • Kick: With subtle hint of honey and a full whack of cinnamon, Kick is sure to get you moving.
  • Snap: Snap out of the sizzling summer heat with a refreshing melange of frosty mint leaves muddled with cacao beans.
  • Lime & Coconut: Another outstanding flavored mixer that’s a perfect way to celebrate the summer!
  • Bad Apple: We’re not talking about computers here, this apple is bad to the core, and by that we totally mean good.
  • Peach Pit: Everything you love about a fresh Georgia peach without the fuzz.
  • Banana: The fresh sweetness of ripe, yellow bananas offers an unmistakably creamy and tropical flavor.
  • Bora Bora: Resembles a tropical blend of moist exotic tobacco with a hint of south pacific spice.
  • Apache: Finally, a robust and distinctly American blend of rich, full bodied tobacco aromas and flavors.

While these savings are great, they simply won’t last. This offer may expire at any time without prior notice, so get your Flings today!


15% White Cloud Coupon Code for Starter Kits

  • Enter WCKIT15 in the Coupon Code box at the checkout to receive a 15% discount on your White Cloud Starter Kit purchase.

Bullet green arrow large.Click to save big on White Cloud Mini Fling Disposables!



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