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White Cloud Slashes Prices

Editor, eCigs HQ
Posted 11/6/12

White Cloud Slashes Prices photo 1.

Just like White Cloud E-cigs — these savings are built to last!

Even more reasons to shop White Cloud

  • All starter kit prices have been reduced! The Cirrus 2 is now only $59.95, the Cirrus 3 is now only $114.95, and the Cirrus 3X is now only $184.95.
  • All 5-pack cartridges are now $13.95 or lower!
  • White Cloud’s Premium Disposable E-cig, the Fling, is now available in 16 different flavors. The Fling is lighter than other disposables and features an all-new soft touch tip. The Fling is also lower in price than other disposables.
  • White Cloud recently released the limited-edition Phantom, which is a stealth-vaping e-cigarette that includes the Squid charger, StealthDraw cartridges and VIP Phantom Brigade access. Only 500 were made and once they’re gone, they’ll be moving on to a new product for 2013.
  • White Cloud’s nicotine levels are higher than any competitors’, which is especially important to long-time smokers switching from tobacco. White Cloud’s double strength nicotine isn’t offered by any of the competition (5.4 percent), and their full-strength cartridge is almost double what the competition offers in the same cartridge (Green Smoke, V2, South Beach Smoke).
  • What is the new Squid charger? The Squid works with all of White Cloud’s batteries, charging three batteries simultaneously. No other competitor has this.
  • White Cloud has introduced all-new Bling batteries, and have released 9 new cartridge varieties over the last three months. New flavors include Lime and Coconut, Bora Bora, and Diablo.
  • White Cloud is now offering new single cartridge flavors like Apple, Peach and Mint Berry.
  • White Cloud has released new accessories like Shotgun Tips. These e-cig extensions allow you to vape up to three flavors at once, and maximize vapor production.

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White Cloud Coupon Code

  • Click on the White Cloud website link below. Enter WCKIT15 in the Coupon Code box at the checkout to receive a 15% discount on your starter kit purchase.

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